Why is the "Age Group" important

The rising “Age Wave” will continue to produce many demographically motivated revolutions in the consumer marketplace. As the boomers pass through their middle years and on to maturity, five key factors will reshape supply and demand:

1. Their concern about the onset of chronic disease and their desire to do
whatever is possible to postpone physical aging.

2. Increasing amounts of discretionary dollars (for some—but not all)
as a result of escalating earning power, inheritances, and return on

3. Entry into new adult lifestages including empty-nesting, caregiving,
grandparenthood, retirement, widowhood, and rehirement—each with
its own challenges and opportunities.

4. A psychological shift from acquiring more material possessions
toward a desire to purchase enjoyable and satisfying experiences.

5. The continued absence of “disposable time” due to complex lifestyles.

from The Age Wave Is Coming

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