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Filosofi er knyttet til spørsmål om eksistensen, kunnskap, verdier, fornuft og språk, og skiller seg fra andre måter å adressere slike problemer
ved kritisk og systematisk tilnærming som bygger på rasjonelle argumenter.

Mennesket - 2016 - Hvor kommer vi fra? Hvor er vi? Hvor skal vi?

Kunnskap skaper en verden i endring - fra Encyclopedia ferdig i 1772 og trykket i 4250 eksemplarer
til internett for alle i 2016 med mer enn 3 milliarder brukere som gjør 1.2 trillion Google søk per år
individets frihet - individets makt - individets ansvar
Mine tanker om verden og mennesket i 2016
livsglede balanse geo-sosial qi og feng shui tid og alder

The Eight Guiding Principles

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In addition to the theory of the five elements, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners employ the Eight Guiding Principles to analyze and differentiate the energetic imbalances in the body or the nature of a patient’s condition. The eight guiding principles actually consist of four polar opposites: yin/yang, cold/heat, deficiency (xu)/excess (shi), and interior/exterior.

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The five element theory, also called the five-phase theory

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The five element theory, also called the five-phase theory, holds that everything in the universe, including our health, is governed by five natural elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. This theory underscores the Chinese belief that human beings, both physically and mentally, are intertwined with nature. Although it is difficult for Westerners to relate this philosophy to the Western approach to medicine, it is fundamental to the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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The Body in Balance: Chinese Historian Diagnoses the Yin and Yang of Health and Illness

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More information - see research at Penn 

Unlike Western views of anatomy, traditional Chinese medicine does not look at the body as a biomedical machine whose broken parts need to be located and then repaired or replaced to restore health. Instead, he says, the Chinese have long regarded the whole person as an integral part of the larger cosmos. Classical medical texts talk about healing as restoring an ecology of physiological, emotional, and moral balance in unity with social relations and the natural cycles of heaven and earth. "It's a language of processes rather than structures and tissues and organs."

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Yin and Yang

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Yin and Yang 

The concept of Yin and Yang is one of the most fundamental and profound theories of Feng Shui. It is the Chinese perspective of balance and continual change. Many Feng Shui practitioners claim they have a deep understanding of this concept, yet they cannot even represent the image correctly. In fact, this is a good indicator of the depth of knowledge a “master” possesses. Many times these practitioners call themselves masters, yet their printed materials contain an incorrect Tai-ji (The name for the Yin and Yang circle) representation. How can one call themselves a master of Feng Shui and not even understand the basics of this deep and extremely significant diagram? Yin and Yang is a foundation theory for Feng Shui that supports many other theories including the Five Elements theory and the Environment. Hopefully by reading this, you will be better informed on what Yin/Yang theory is in Feng Shui.

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