Steffen Myklebust

Collaboration coach

steffen sm 

working history:
Norway 18 years,
USA 2 years,
Sweden 3 years,
UK 2 years,
China more than 3 years,
Germany 2 years,
Europe - China 6 years.


Experience in different industries: IT industry, Knowledge and Document Management, Banking, Financing, Newspaper, Food Manufacturing, Shipping…

Started to be a leader of Computer sales team in 70s. 
Particpated in the management team changing a computer service center in Norway for all commercial banks from cost driven to market oriented in 80s.
In 90s working in many countries for leading IT technology-oriented groups.
In the new century a senior and professional consultant in the IT field.

Long exprience in management, marketing and selling operation. 
Member of board of several companies. 
Vice president of marketing in the famous multinational company. 
Successful director of sales operation for many years.

 • know Europe market very well and understand China market

•  very good network in the high level both in Europe and in China

•  a European who knows China very well

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