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Tesla Model 3 - 2019-02

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tesla modell3 2019 02 18

According to BMI Research, the world’s vehicle sales will rise by 3.6% in 2018, up from an estimated 3.3% growth in 2017. Last year was a record-breaking year for global car sales. According to a report from Macquarie Bank, 88.1 million cars and light vehicles were sold in 2016, up 4.8% from a year earlier.
Mange i Norge har mange meninger om Tesla og Tesla modell 3, men Tesla er en nisjeleverandør og vil muligens selge 1 million biler i 2021 (1% ev det totale markedet).

Tesla supercharger.

Hva er spesielt med Tesla og Tesla modell 3

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The Best College in Every State - 2017 - USA

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Best College in Every State: MONEY's 2017 Top-Ranked Schools | Money

Each year, MONEY digs into enrollment data and student outcomes to determine which colleges provide the best value for your tuition dollars—a process that, this year, yielded the 2017 Best Colleges for Your Money ranking.

But while that list is 711 schools long, we know many students are considering a much smaller set of colleges. In fact, 53% of freshmen at four-year colleges go to school within 100 miles of their home, and more than 80% attend one within 500 miles, according to an annual survey of freshmen from the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles.


For them, we produced the following list, identifying the best college in just about every U.S. state. (The exceptions are Alaska and New Mexico, neither of which had any colleges in MONEY's 2017 rankings.) Alumni, feel free to use this for bragging rights—if you went to Clemson, say, and you're looking to dis friends who attended that other South Carolina public university.

Some states can claim a top-ranking small liberal arts college, while others stand out for a large public university. All but six of the colleges fall in the top half of MONEY's rankings, and 21 of the colleges ranked in top 50. A majority—32—are public colleges.

Each year, MONEY digs into enrollment data and student outcomes to determine which colleges provide the best value for your tuition dollars—a process that, this year, yielded the 2017 Best Colleges for Your Money ranking.

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Regne- stykkene du helst ikke vil se

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Regne- stykkene du helst ikke vil se

Kjøper du en ny bensinbil til 400.000 kr, koster den deg 97.663 kr i året

Det tilsvarer 8139 kroner måneden, viser den årlige utregningen fra Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken (OFV).

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Rafaël Rozendaal

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bio Rafaël Rozendaal         websites

Apple TV - Brightcove comments

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Perhaps more than any other technology initiative in recent memory, the potential for a game changing device from Apple has created a ton of buzz and excitement. With Apple’s well established pedigree of market-changing innovations, it’s not a stretch to believe the company is in the best position to succeed in revolutionizing the living room television and create massive disruption within both the broadcast and gaming industries through a proliferation of TV apps.

Click here to see the video and the article

Foreseeing Red: Lee Kuan Yew on China

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By Zoher Abdoolcarim Monday, Feb. 04, 2013 - Time Magazine - click here

Lee Kuan Yew hails from a very small country, but, for decades, he has been a very big man — at home and on the world stage. During more than a half-century of public life, including some 30 years as Prime Minister, Lee transformed Singapore from a simple trader of commodities into a sophisticated hub of finance and technology — The Little Red Dot, as many of its people affectionately call it.

A stern, patriarchal figure, Lee realized his ambitions for Singapore through the sheer force of his personality, buttressed by an... 

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Europe’s Real Crisis

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The Continent’s problems are as much demographic as financial. They won’t go away soon.

By Megan McArdle

Read the article here in Business    April 2012 ATLANTIC MAGAZINE

Netthandel - det er ikke så enkelt ...

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Ramit Sethi: The new finance guru on the block

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He is Generation Y's favorite personal finance adviser. His message: Motivation isn't enough. Develop a system, and get over yourself.
Read the article in Fortune.

His website,


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En QR-kode kan sammenlignes med en strekkode, og består av fargede tegn på en hvit bakgrunn. Den må ikke være i svart-hvitt, men er ofte det. Koden er firkantet og kan leses med et kamera. Den gir ingen mening med det blotte øyet, men kan inneholde store mengder informasjon - hele 7089 siffer eller 4296 tall og bokstaver.

I disse tallene og bokstavene kan all mulig informasjon legges inn - som en film, tekst eller nettside, for å nevne noe. Reklamebransjen i land som USA og Japan har lenge sett nytten i å kunne spre informasjon på en ny og litt spennende måte til forbrukerne.

Les artikkelen på Telenors hjemmesider - klikk her.

David Allen Company - A smarter way to work & live

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Life is consistently getting busier. At times it can be overwhelming. Every day, our world changes at a rapid pace. It can be challenging to think, to focus, and to pay attention to the important things to move your life forward. If you are an entrepreneur starting a new business, a person who needs better management skills, a stay-at-home worker, a busy mom or student—we can help. We’ll help you find the right control and perspective. We’ve assisted millions of people find a smarter way to work and live.

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2011-07-22 Oslo og Utøya Tragedy

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“Om én mann kan vise så mye hat, tenk hvor mye kjærlighet vi alle kan vise sammen.” - If one man can create that much hate, you can only imagine how much love we as a togetherness can create. Musicvideo - Maria Mena - "My little country".    Slik skjedde det - how it happened

17. mai 2011 Moss

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Flere bilder fra 17. mai 2011 her

Marriott timeshare complaints

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Read the Complaints Board - click here

 Marriott Vacation Club

Posted: 2009-07-31 by Charlie Sheetz

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Per - Kroatia - 2010-07

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Per B. skrøt veldig av oppholdet på Lesic Dimitri Palace (visited for lunch)  -  Lešić Dimitri Palace

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John Seely Brown

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John Seely Brown


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Melløs skoleteater 2010

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Melløs skoleteater 2010

Steffen - Østfoldbunad

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Steffen bunad

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San Francisco 2010-04 - Askefast

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Jeg satt "Askefast" i San Francisco etter å ha deltatt på SugarCRM seminaret.


Fra facebook: Vi som sitter fast i USA og vil hjem til Norge

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Geir og Steffen

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Geir Herland

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Summer 2009 - July - It is GREAT

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2008-05 in Istanbul - photo on flickr

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Hytta - Trip to cabin with Berit and Per - Pinse

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On a trip to Nyvangseter approx. 5 km from our cabin in Trysil.

It is still some snow up in the mountains, but not around our cabin. We had some nice days from Friday to Sunday enjoying mountain-hikes on Saturday and Sunday. Marion used her "skritt-teller" step-counter and on Saturday we made 18.000 steps. Good work. And on Friday evening we spent some time discussing the Y-generation based on article in Fortune (ideas from the article "Attracting the twentysomething worker".

I have just read "Freakonomics" (june 2006)

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"Freakonomics" is an "eye-opener".
Conventional wisdom will not be the reason for your actions after reading Freakonomics
In the chapter "What Makes a Perfect Parent?" you will find that it isn't so much a matter of what you do as a parent; it's who you are
Parents who are well educated, successful, and healthy tend to have children who test well in school; but it doesn't seem to much matter whether a child is trotted off to museums or spanked or sent to Head Start or frequently read to or plopped in front of the television.

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'Do as I say, not as I do' doesn't cut it any more

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More and more, I hear managers express frustration over the behaviour of their subordinates. They complain about their failure to take initiative and responsibility, grumble about lateness to meetings or lousy teamwork.

But it's so much easier to point fingers elsewhere. For when it comes to their own behaviour, many of those same managers aren't acting any differently than the people they complain about.

Too few managers model what they demand from others. If you're a manager, ask yourself: How often do I seem to be saying one thing while doing another? How often am I practising what I preach?

Managers who want to stop giving out mixed signals need to hold up the leadership mirror and make sure they are satisfied with what they see being reflected back.

Here are some examples of common disconnects between what managers may say they want to see in others and how they actually behave themselves.

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Sør-Afrika-planer - South Africa

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From: Kjetil Kløgetvedt [mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: 05 January 2006 14:20
To: Steffen - online
Subject: SV: GODT NYTT ÅR - Unisys
Hei Steffen Godt nytt år til deg også. Jeg kunne ikke unngå å se Sør-Afrika-planene dine. Har dere vært der allerede? Vi reiste 5 par på tur dit to uker høstferie i 2003. Vi hadde full klaff med opplegget. Først en uke i Cape Town-området inkl. Table Mountain, Robben Island, Hermanus (hvaler), Kapp det gode Håp, strutsefarm, Boulders Bay (pingviner), seler, Kirsenbo... botanisk hage, vindistriktet Paarl, Stellenb... Andre uken var vi i Drakenbergfjellene (Cathedral Peak), Krügerparken (Idube Private Game Resort) - Johannesburg (Soweto). Vi fikk ikke sett vannbøfler, sebra, gnu eller krokodiller, men alt annet. Hyggelige mennesker og guider. Skulle gjerne reist dit igjen.
Vi benyttet: SAFARI v/Sigurd Halvorsen, Haakonsveien 67A, 5519 Haugesund, Phone +47 52 72 35 01,Fax +47 52 72 35 02
De benyttet igjen CelAfrica Tours i Johannesburg.
med vennlig hilsen Kjetil Kløgetvedt nå i Norsk Industri

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FotoWare Press Conference Beijing

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ImageThe week before Christmas 2005 we launched FotoWare products in China. ECN Euro China Net has the responsibility to distribute FotoWare solutions in China.More news about the event on the Chinese website.  

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Livets realiteter på vei mot "toppen"

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Image # 1: Mannen i huset går inn på badet, akkurat idet hans hustru forlater det - dørklokken ringer. Hustruen slynger et håndkle omkring seg og løper nedenunder. Da hun åpner døren, står naboen Bob utenfor. Før hun får sagt noe, sier han: "jeg gir deg 800 kroner hvis du lar håndkledet falle". Hun tenker over det et øyeblikk, slipper håndkledet og står nå naken foran Bob. Etter få sekunder gir Bob henne de 800 kronene og går. Kvinnen tar håndkledet rundt seg igjen og går ovenpå. Da hun kommer inn på badet, spør mannen: "Hvem var det?" "Det var Bob", svarer hun. "Okay, sa han noe om de 800 kronene han skylder meg?"
Moralen: Hvis du deler viktig informasion om utestående og risiko med aksjonærene, er du muligens i stand til å unngå unødvendige avsløringer.

# 2: En prest har tilbudt en nonne lift. Da hun setter seg inn, krysser hun bena så hun kommer til at vise noe av bena. Presten blir så overrasket, at han holder på å kjøre galt. Etter å ha fått kontroll over bilen igjen, legger han sin hånd på hennes ben. Nonnen: "Fader, husk salme 129" Presten fjerner sin hånd, men da han skifter gear, legger han den igjen på hennes ben. Igjen sier nonnen: "Fader, husk salme 129" Presten: "Unnskyld Søster, men jeg er svak" De kommer til klosteret, og nonnen stiger ut av bilen. Da presten ankommer kirken, skynder han seg inn og slår opp på salme 129. Der står: "Gå fremad og søk høyere oppe - og du vil oppleve himlen" Moralen: Hvis du ikke holder deg vel informeret i jobben, risikerer du å gå glipp av store muligheter.

# 3: En selger, en kontorassistent og deres sjef er på vei til frokost, da de finner en antikk oljelampe. De gnir på den og en ånd kommer ut. Ånden sier: "Takk for at dere slapp meg ut... Jeg vil nå gi dere hver ett ønske" "Meg først, meg først" sier kontorassistenten... "Jeg vil til Bahamas, seile rundt i en speedbåd og slett ikke tenke over livets problemer" - POFF! - og borte var hun. "Meg nå, meg nå" sier selgeren. "Jeg vil til Hawaii - slappe av på stranden med egen personlig massøse og drikke uendelig mange Pina Colada'er - og møte mit livs kjærlighet" - POFF - og borte han også. "OK, så er det din tur!" sier ånden til sjefen. Sjefen: "Jeg vil bare ha de to tilbake på kontoret etter frokost"
Moralen: La alltid sjefen snakke først!

# 4: En kråke sitter i et tre og dovner seg hele dagen lang. En kanin spør: "Kan jeg også sitte som deg og gjøre ingenting hele dagen?" Kråka svarer: "Tjooo, hvorfor ikke? - Gjør du bare det!" Kaninen satte seg på bakken under kråka og slappet av. En rev sprang plutselig frem fra en busk og spiste kaninen.
Moralen: For å ikke gjøre noe som helst, skal man sitte temmelig høyt oppe.

Image# 5: En kalkun stod sammen med en okse under et stort tre. "Jeg ville virkelig ønske, at jeg kunne komme opp i toppen av det treet" sukket kalkunen... "men jeg har ikke energi til det" "Hvorfor spiser du ikke litt av mine kukaker" svarte oksen. "De er fulle av energi" Kalkunen spiste litt av en kukake og oppdaget at den fikk styrke til at nå den nederste grenen i treet. Dagen etter spiste den litt mer av kukaka og nådde den andre greina. Endelig - etter 14 dager - satt den stolt oppe i toppen av treet. Men da gikk det ikke lenge før den ble oppdaget av bonden, som straks skøt kalkunen ned.
Moralen: "Bullshit" får deg kanskje til topps, men det holder deg ikke der oppe.

China - wher I have lived and worked

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China's new cultural revolution

After more than a decade embracing all things western, Chinese consumers are turning more, well ... Chinese. Time to rethink the China strategy? Read the Fortune article here - or on this server.


Hong Kong, China - where I have lived and worked

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Jeg bodde i bygningen med "hull" i - den var for at dragen skulle ha fri vei fra fjellet til sjøen.

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